Quick Facts:

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  • Committed to saving the pension and keeping promises to state workers; SUPPORTS PUBLIC EDUCATION
  • Believes the Constitution should be the guiding source for government decisions
  • Pro-life
  • Opposes tax increases, including the gas tax
  • Wants Kentucky to concentrate on reviving tourism and on new industries to grow revenue
  • Wants term limits for Kentucky state senators, to do away with pensions for state lawmakers, and to bar Kentucky lawmakers from taking donations from out-of-state PACs
  • Supports legalization of medicinal cannabis, and wants to grow it in Kentucky
  • Wants to ensure every school in Kentucky has its own guidance counselor
  • Wants Frankfort to get back to working for KENTUCKY INTEREST instead of SPECIAL INTEREST
  • Running against a career politician who has been in office since 1995
  • Christian; Baptist; Republican
  • Small business owner, not a politician
  • Licensed to practice law in Kentucky and federal courts
  • Gun owner and conceal carry license holder

Alex White For Kentucky Senate

Why I am called to run

I am compelled to run for Kentucky Senate because I believe that career politicians in Frankfort are leading our state in a dangerous direction—away from small government and individual liberty, away from the Constitution, away from the best interests of Kentuckians, and toward their own interests –and the interests of powerful out-of- state donors. I believe the Constitution, and not the political trends of the day, should be the guiding light for all legislative decisions. I believe in small government that does not intrude on the individual’s pursuit of health and prosperity. I believe in lowering taxes and removing barriers to entry that hinder the free market and inhibit economic growth. These are the fundamental principles we expect to see upheld by our Republican representatives, but that is not what we have seen in Frankfort. I am running because I am ready to change that. I believe we need bold representatives with the right energy to take the fight for true Republican values state-wide. While plenty of Republican lawmakers claim they “believe in” or “stand for” small government, lower taxes, and the freedoms guaranteed by the constitution, it seems they have a hard time voting with these ideals. What’s worse, it seems even harder for those law-makers to FIGHT for Republican ideals when their fellow career politicians ignore these principles.


Believing in something and fighting for something are drastically different. I will fight for Republican values. A senate seat should be a position of strong advocacy; not a retirement plan. In the age of out-of- state money and out-of- state special interest groups pulling the strings in Frankfort, being a passive senator is not enough. This is exactly why Kentucky faces a desperate pension crisis built from decades of our representatives going with the flow and playing party politics.


We do not need more politicians in Frankfort. We need fighters. Claiming to cherish Republican values should not be simply done in convenience of getting re-elected, but rather should be a burning passion and force of bold action. The incumbent senator has been in office since 1995; his voting record reflects his hands have become tied by party politics. The people of Oldham County and North East Louisville deserve a new representative who will passionately defend true Republican values. A senator who will make decisions based on critical thinking, not political pressure. A senator who will not treat the seat as a pageantry position and simply stand back or roll-over to go with the flow of “the powers at be,” but who will advocate tirelessly for Republicans throughout the Commonwealth.

Alex White Lawyer fighting for justiceWho is Alex White?

First and foremost, I am a small business owner. I have been a believer in small businesses since I got my first job at a local bicycle shop when I was only 14 years old. I love small and local businesses because I understand their essential role in spurring innovation and growing our economy. And I believe that being self-employed is a staple to the American Dream. I have been involved in several small businesses in some form or another throughout most of my life.  After earning a Bachelor of Business in Finance from Marshall University, graduating from law school at The University of Louisville and passing the Kentucky bar, I started my own business.


Several years ago, I started with less than nothing—I was $126k in debt from student loans. My office was a rented room in an old drafty building.  To minimize my expenses, I moved into a tiny apartment and would sometimes even only eat popcorn for dinner. It was both cheap and filling! I bought a $15 hair clipper so I could save money on haircuts each month. I could not afford new office furniture, so I bought an old used yellow metal desk and painted it black. From that starting point, I launched a very successful small business. My experiences during that challenging time taught me what it means to work within the constraints of a budget – something that our lawmakers obviously are clueless to!


As a small business owner, I know what it feels like to break even on overhead expenses on the 28th of the month and have to start all over again on the 1st. I know what it’s like to work till midnight day after day because you don’t have the luxury of letting any opportunity pass. I understand what a 70 hour work week is like.  I know what back-to-back 70 hour work weeks FEEL like.


And as a Republican… I know that hard work pays off.


Through God’s grace, blood, sweat, tears and sacrifice my small business has grown in large steps each year.  By it’s fifth year of operation, I owned my own commercial building and we are doing over $1 million in annual revenue while employing ten people and counting.  


The skills I have been using for years on a daily basis to grow and operate my small business are needed tools and upgrades for our Republican lawmakers.  These skills include understanding a budget and operating within it, working with limited resources to achieve superior results for those I represent, excellent negotiating skills, and the ability to think critically, mastery of convoluted laws, solving complicated problems and getting deals get done. Ultimately, however, this success came from my ability to represent individuals and to fight for their rights day-in and day-out. What else can you ask for in a candidate for state senate?  


In early January 2018 after filing to run for state senate, I got a call from a lawmaker in Frankfort. They said “I’m surprised you’re running for office. You have so much going on right now—a successful business and a lot of employees.” It’s true, I have an active life outside politics—but isn’t that what we need more of in Frankfort? Someone with a real-world understanding of business, the law, and hard work? Someone with energy? Someone who thinks for themselves and who can make decisions based on Republican values instead of being chained to play politics?


My qualifications make me the ideal candidate to bring the Republican ideals we believe in back to the capitol. I am an attorney working in a field where learning fast—and on the run—has been essential to my success. I am a student of the Constitution. I am a small business owner whose hard work and sacrifices have brought real success. We need a representative in Frankfort with firm principles and a passion for real success for Kentucky, not more career politicians who are fine with being passive while our Republican ideals are being marginalized.


Every single day, I represent people for a living. There are career politicians in Frankfort that, although they may be elected representatives, cannot honestly claim to represent the people because they have simply sold out to big money donors.  


As a practitioner, I work hard; I’m proud of what I do; and I am proud to be a job creator.   


Below are some reviews I am honored to have earned from my clients and fellow attorneys:

As an attorney who often squares off against Alex, I can say from experience that he is professional, hard-working, and tough.”


“You are a true friend and advocate, Alex. You handled my case from day one like the gentleman that you are, and you gave me the same level of service I could have expected if you had stood to make a million dollars on the case. That really says it all–please know I will be recommending you to anyone who will listen, now and forever. Thank you for choosing the right thing over the sure thing.”


Mr. White brings a passion to his practice that cannot be rivaled by any other firm in the area. He is truly a master of his craft that will approach any case with professionalism, attention to detail and a determination to do right by his client(s).“


My sister’s car was wrecked in a hit and run and the insurance agency of the person who wrecked her car refused to pay the damages or settle in any form. His strategic approach and extreme professionalism won the jury trial for my family. This case was never about the money yet the pure pursuit of justice. Alex White is an honorable lawyer who wouldn’t step down the big bullies of this insurance agency and we appreciate his fight (and victory) in our case.”


What I Believe


I believe the Constitution is the guiding light for all legislation.


Career politicians have a real problem with the Constitution. What serves their purposes in the moment they call “constitutional,” but what does not suit them is ignored and discarded. They support legislation that promotes donors’ interests and their personal interests at the cost of Kentuckians’ financial security and constitutional rights.  We cannot let career politicians play “pick and choose” with the constitution or we will lose it all together in the long run.

There are plenty of recent examples of this. Last year, a bill was passed by the Kentucky legislature that limits the right to a jury. A right to a jury in any matter is an incredibly American principle –vital to democracy. Eroding any constitutional guarantees is simply not a Republican principle. Yet no one in the Republican party fought to stop the bill. In fact, Republicans voted overwhelmingly in favor of it, casting the Constitution aside because it was not convenient for them in the moment.


Worse even than ignoring the Constitution, some Republicans in Frankfort are attempting to amend the Kentucky Constitution to give themselves more power.  There are certain lawmakers in Frankfort who have introduced only bills that benefit themselves and their own personal businesses. They appear to have forgotten that the Constitution was created by the People as a way to limit government. Our Founders knew that there would be politicians who would attempt to abuse the powers entrusted to them. Our state and federal constitutions were written to protect our rights as citizens from those overreaching politicians.  


I do not believe that eroding the promises of the Constitution and growing the power of the legislature is a true Republican ideal. I passionately oppose giving the government more power to micro-manage the daily lives of individuals and freedoms we enjoy in Kentucky.  


Unfortunately, however, our elected Republican leaders have bowed down to special interests and have voted multiple times over the past few years in defiance of the Constitution.  They have repeatedly sponsored bills and voted in ways that grow the power of the legislative branch and disrupt the balance of power between what should be three separate but equal branches of government.  


As your state senator, I will introduce legislation to limit government power.  This would include a bill creating term limits for Kentucky Senate members to stop the problems created by career politicians.  I will promote and defend the Constitution at all times, not just when it is convenient for me. I will defend everyone’s right to a jury and keep the middle class on a level playing field with giant corporations.


I believe Kentuckians’ interests come before special interests


When career politicians become entrenched and out of touch, one of the most dangerous consequences is cronyism. “Crony Capitalism” is an economic system characterized by close, mutually advantageous relationships between powerful donors and government officials.  Instead of voting in the best interest of Kentuckians, lawmakers vote to please the special interest groups that fund their campaigns. They use their power to pass laws that take money out of the hands of Kentuckians and put it into the hands of their backers. Unfortunately, a lot these practices actually funnel money out of state!


This way of drafting laws is what has led to many problems for Kentucky including our current budget cuts and pension crisis. In 2015, the Kentucky Pension was the worst funded pension in the entire country. Only $0.37 on the dollar. Dead last in the USA. Legislators stubbornly ignored common sense, math, and the well-being of Kentuckians to continuously allocate money to their own projects that should have gone to our pension system. As a result, the financial security of our teachers, police force, firefighters and other state employees is in serious jeopardy. Career politicians don’t serve their constituents—they serve themselves, no matter what the cost to Kentuckians.  


Since 1995, my opponent has sat by and watched the pension crisis grow while misguided lawmakers continued to funnel away. As your state senator, I will fight to repair the damage done by lazy, self-serving career politicians. To reduce the influence of powerful donors, I will introduce legislation to prohibit candidates and sitting senators from taking donations from out-of-state PACs.  I will work for you, for Kentucky – NOT for special interest groups and out-of-state companies.


I believe Kentucky’s economy needs to expand current industries and create new industries; not more bureaucracy and higher taxes


A state cannot tax its way to prosperity. I believe in small government. I believe in the free market. Too often, government is better at creating problems than providing solutions. What our Kentucky economy needs to flourish is new industry, fewer barriers to entry of markets, and lower taxes.


Tourism is an economic driver in Kentucky. But are we taking full advantage of all of the beautiful and interesting sights, sounds and taste Kentucky has to offer? We must work harder to promote tourism to bring more outside guests inside the state and increase transactions within the state. One quick example would be to promote the unparalleled natural beauty of Kentucky at the Red River Gorge.  There shouldn’t be so many “best kept secrets” in Kentucky. Tourists are a uniquely powerful economic force–they eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels, and shop in our stores, making an immediate impact on local economies. We need to take better advantage by properly promoting our beautiful state’s tremendous potential for outdoor tourism.


I believe Kentucky’s economy and the health of its citizens would also benefit greatly from the legalization of medical cannabis. With the growing awareness of cannabis’ ability to alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, arthritis, epilepsy, and more, there is no reason—Constitutional or otherwise—that this industry should remain closed to our citizens. Kentucky has suffered long enough at the hands of Big Pharma (a specific special interest group from outside the state), which has led to one of the worst opioid epidemics in the nation.   Other states that have legalized cannabis for medical use have already seen decreases in deaths from opioid overdoses. By improving economic conditions and giving doctors more options for treating patients, we have a fighting chance to reverse the heroin epidemic that has devastated our state. Doctors need to have safe options on the table for treating patients in the best way possible. We should legalize medicinal cannabis and grow it in Kentucky.


Our state’s economic growth is also being needlessly frustrated by senseless barriers to entry in many industries. Here’s another very specific example of crony capitalism in violation of Republican values of a free market: under my opponent’s leadership as chair of the Committee on Transportation, laws regarding the obtaining of a license to drive a taxi is an expensive and complicated process.


As an attorney I once helped an individual become a small business owner by starting a cab service. This was a ridiculous amount of effort. Kentucky law required expensive advertisements the newspaper for several weeks announcing his intent to apply for a full cab license. Then, basically a full on trial was required front of the Department of Transportation. How can we expect new business to grow or our state economy to thrive when it’s this difficult to get a cab license? These barriers to entry interfere with the free market and serve no interests other those of donors and special interest groups. While we need economic policies that serve Kentucky business owners, there are many other examples of protectionist laws that bar entry to commerce.  These were all passed by and happened on the watch of our incumbent senators who were supposed to be fighting for Republican free markets ideals.


Finally, I believe taxes hurt our economy. My opponent has voted multiple times to increase our taxes, specifically the gas tax. If we want to stimulate the economy, we need to lessen our tax burden, not increase it. This is a basic Republican principle that many career politicians conveniently ignore or do not understand.

Are You In District 26?

District 26 encompasses Oldham County and a small portion of North East Louisville. This is a Republican District.That’s why this Republican primary race is so important. This district has always and will always go to the Republican candidate. The May 22nd Republican Primary is the race that decides if the seat will remain in the hands of a career politician who’s had the seat since 1995, or a self-made small business owner attorney who believes in the middle class and puts constitutional principles over politics.


Click Here to Check if You Live in District 26

What You Can Do

I am a small business owner running against a deeply entrenched career politician. Between now and May 22th, the date of the Republican primary, I will be bringing all my own resources to bear in this battle. Just as I did when I built my business, I will be pouring my own money, time, and relentless work into this campaign. But I need your help. I need Republicans who are ready for change to donate to my campaign. I need volunteers. I need supporters. Most importantly, I need registered Republicans in the 26th district to VOTE on May 22nd. In the last primary in which the incumbent was challenged, he won after receiving only 9,000 votes in a district that serves over 120,000 people. He will be counting on low voter turnout again this year.


This is a winnable race. We have the power to upgrade our senator and send someone to Frankfort who is ready to fight for true Republican values.

God bless.


How to Donate

We have already raised a lot of money in short amount of time for this fight but still need your support. Kentucky Law requires that donations be made by personal check only and the maximum contribution is capped at $2,000.00. Donations of all amounts from $1.00 to $2,000.00 are welcome. Please make check payable to “Alex White for Senate” and mail to:

Alex White for Senate

908 Minoma Avenue

Louisville, KY  40217


Are you willing to voice your support and upgrade Kentucky’s Senate?

Email and let us know if you’d like yardsigns or bumper stickers delivered to your house prior to the May 22 election. Please include name, address and phone number.

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